Simplified Cleaning Solutions
Manual / Machine  Warewashing
We offer dish machine detergents that are designed to perform in all water conditions.  Ancillary products are designed and formulated with performance and user safety in mind.  Environmentally and budget friendly packaging  require minimum storage space.
Laundry Products
AmFree supplies a variety of laundry products from highly concentrated to TED (Totally Enclosed Dispensing) systems.  This specially designed canister allows product to be dispensed only when the capsule is in the docking station, ensuring employee safety.
These revolutionary newly packaged products have brightly colored coded labeling.  Easy-to-use lettering system makes product usage practically mistake-proof,  ensuring employee safety.  "Spill proof "containers can only be dispensed through our unique docking station, ensuring employees never  come in direct contact with the solutions.
Certified " Green Seal "  Products
Surety offers a full line of housekeeping products for maximum cleaning with the environment in mind. Theses products can be used for daily routine cleaning in all applications. Unique blends are available for a wide array of  general purpose cleaning.
AmFree stocks a range of waxes, strippers,carpet cleaners and shampoos.  Theses products are designed with the floorcare professional in mind. We offer unique product formulations specifically designed to match the maintenance needs of a variety of flooring substrates.
Ready-To-Use  ( RTU )
These products are perfect for customers who seek quality cleaning products. Fast and easy to use, just aim, spray, and clean all in one simple step. They also eliminate messy mixing and spills.
Personal Care Products
Our personal hygiene line help s provide your facility with products to meet the strictest guidelines for prevention of infections and ADA compliance.   This product is made with aloe,  vitamin E, and the antimicrobial  ingredient Triclosan. Guaranteed leak-proof dispenser.